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To start MYM (Male YA Month) on a Book and a Chat I was very glad to hand over the host of the show to the one and only Heidi R Kling, author of the very popular 2010 YA book “SEA“.

Fighting the threat of erupting children, something I myself know about, Heidi still managed to lead the show through various questions about my book “Across the Pond” my short romance stories at http://romance2read.com and why I am running the “Male YA Author Month”.

We chatted about why the month event was set up, following a challenge from YA Auhtor Alexander Diaz (Stupid Things), and how I went about getting a list of possible authors from bloggers, then contacting the authors to see if they were interested in being on the radio show.

I went through the guest we have receiving several oo’s and aa’s from those listening in the chat room, where it seemed many of the guests were indeed popular.

I even had time to ask Heidi herself what she was working on and producing after the success of “SEA”.

The end of the show was a revise of the MYM calendar of guests, a couple of anecdotes about England, and I even managed to answer a question about some of my favorite English saying/language issues.

Direct link to the show:

“Heidi R Kling chats to Barry (Storyheart) Eva”

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
“Hiedi and Barry”



Nov 2nd Heidi R. Kling interviews Barry (Storyheart) Eva – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 4th Andrew Auseon – Author of “Freak Magnet”, “Funny Little Monkey” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 6th Jay Asher – Author of “Th1rteen R3asons Why” – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 9th Daniel Waters – Author of “Generation Dead” series – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 10th David Macinnis Gill – Author of “Black Hole Sun” and ” Soul Enchilada” – Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 11th William Kostakis – Author of “Loathing Lola” – Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 13th R.A.Nelson – Author of “Teach Me”, “Breath My Name” and “Days of Little Texas” – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 15th Jon Skovron – Author of “Struts & Frets” and “Misfit (2011)” – Mon 6:30pm EST

Nov 16th Barry Lyga – Author of “Fan Boy and Goth Girl”, “Boy Toy”, “Hero Type” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 17th James – Author of “Book Chic” blog – Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 18th Shaun David Hutchinson – Author of “The Death Day Letter” – Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 20th Scott Westerfeld – Author of “Uglies”, “Pretties”, “Special”, and “Extras” – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 23rd Steve Brezenoff – Author of ” The Absolute Value of -1″, “Alley of Shadows” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 24th Alex – Author of “Alex reads books” blog – Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 25th Estevan Vega – Author of “The Sacred Sin” and “Arson” – Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 27th Allan Frewin Jones – Author of “The Faerie Path” and “The Warrior Princess” series – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 30th Alan Gratz – Author of “Something Wicked”, “Something Rotten”, “The Brooklyn Nine” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

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