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With 800 shows under the “A Book and a Chat” belt i have with work and now my new radio show “Those Were The Days”  been finding there is just not enough time to keep these blogs up to date. Therefore I am going to start doing a monthly Blog of the guests I have for that month on the show.

Shows go out Tuesday- 6:30PM ET, Wednesday – 7:00PM ET and Sunday – 6:30PM ET on “Newvisons Radio” archives of these shows can be found at “A Book and a Chat Show Archives”

Chuck Miceli
Sept 3rd
David Lundgren
Sept 7th
Mark Rubinstein
Sept 9th Philip Comella
Sept 10th
Cindy Freland
Sept 14th
John Swan
Sept 16th Lori Foster
Sept 17th
Rebecca Petruck
Sept 21st
Susan Stoker
Sept 23rd Andrea Perno
Sept 24th
Lauren Peyton
Sept 28th
Michelle Escamilla
Seot 30th Emily Walker

Don’t forget there is also now on Sundays at 5:00PM ET “Those Were The Days”

Music from the 30’s to the 80’s along with a comedy snippet or two.
From songs you know well, to perhaps some you’ve never heard before.
A show to set your feet tapping and a bring a smile to your face as you remember…
“Those Were The Days”.

If you are interested in being a guest on “A Book and a Chat” or want to contact me about either show email me at twtd@barryeva.com with the show subject in the title.

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

Radio Shows – http://newvionsradio.com

Book and a Chat – http://www.newvisionsradio.com/index.php/en/2014-02-26-19-59-03/a-book-and-a-chat

Those Were The Days – http://www.newvisionsradio.com/2014-02-26-19-59-03/those-were-the-days

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