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On today’s “Book and a Chat” my very special guest is… “Jill Jepson.

Today on my blog radio show “A Book and a Chat” my special guest is traveler, professor, and transformational life coach, and the author of three books Jill Jepson.

Listen to the show an hear from Jill about traveling the world and finding that that writing and spirituality are closely tied, that writing is actually a form of spirituality. Her thoughts and inspirations are shared in her book. “Writing as a Sacred Path” Follow her as she explains that this wonderful book is a guide and help for writers of all kinds from poets to master writers, from those just starting out on the literary trail to help in just writing a school essay.

Join Barry (Storyheart) and Jill for thirty minutes as they discuss her life and her book.

You can listen to the show (as I am now) at


or at


“Writing as a Sacred Path” is a must read for all would be writers.

Thank you
Barry (Storyheart)

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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On today’s “Book and a Chat” my very special guest is… “well ME.

Unfortunately my planned guest David Liss was not able to make today’s show, so I chatted on my own for thirty minutes about books, selling, marketing, future guests, reviews, new pets and anything else I could think to chat about.

Check out today’s program and see how I did.




After the show I was checking a few locations and found a fresh “FIVE STAR” review at Amazon.

One of those items that keeps us authors going.

5 stars The Epitome of a Sweet and Modern Teenage Relationship, July 10, 2009

Young Adult/Romance is one of my favorite genres, just because I love to fantasize and dream of something like “Across the Pond” by Storyheart. I found it hilarious within the first few pages, upon discovering the nickname “Brit,” and my chest tightened when I neared the end of this book (which i won’t reveal because I know that I hate spoilers… and it’s not exactly unexpected, either)
This book is a short, sweet read with an almost modern-fairy tale like romance. I would be able to read it over and over again without tiring of it (i’ve read it twice already)and I believe that Brit and Fred (Brittany and Frederick) are a lovely couple and the epitome of teen romance.
As an American, it was entertaining when I read about Fred’s troubles with the food. Who would’ve thought that I would laugh out loud just because of someone’s British reaction to “beagles (bagels)” and blueberries?
I recommend this book to anybody who is a fan of young romance and a sweet tale.

Thank you
Barry (Storyheart)

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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Across the Pond and Back Again” is the title of my next book.

I have booked a few days vacation, the principle idea being to try and do some writing done on this new book. Of course with Terror 1 and Terror 2 at home plus every other kids from near by seemingly living in our house, doing any form of creative writing in my house is almost impossible.

All parents know only too well, the “don’t do that” and “he/she took my ball”, “can I go” etc that punctuates the air about every five minutes.

I was planning to get away, like one hears about in writers groups, some for of reclose like log cabin, though perhaps a Hemingway bar like location would be better. I was thinking… perhaps to the somewhere by the sea like Mystic. However, with my eldest son now getting married back home in England this October wedding costs and plane tickets have put a complete kibosh on any thoughts of that.

So it’s spending time writing in the library, nice and cool/dry the only issue I have is while there are nice comfy chairs and computer access tables, to use my own lap top at a table, where I can with a little cable stretching reach a power supply I sit on solid wood chairs.

(I guess they don’t want people to sit there for long) Unfortunately this is not the most comfortable thing when still recovering from back surgery.

Still I have created four chapters yesterday before having to retire to the bar for a recovery beer.

I will share chapter one with you all in tomorrows blog…


Guest for the next few weeks on my Radio Show are:

June 27th Kim Smith
June 30th Alley – Humor and Pencaps (blogger)


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As anybody who has read me reviews interviews or heard my comments on either my own radio program or where I have been a guest, you will know I am a great believer in what I call the “Small Blogger”. These are the people who read, write and live books are “The ‘sham wow’ of Teen/YA literature”.

blog spot name
Jenn’s Bookshelf
blog address: http://jennsbookshelf.blogspot.com

How long have you been blogging?

Since March of 2008

What books do you read?

I read all types of books: mainstream fiction, young adult, thriller, horror, chick lit.

What is your favorite book and author of 2009?

So far, Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center

What is your favorite author/book of all time?

I can’t pick just one book. My favorite authors are Stephen King, John Steinbeck, James Patterson, Suzanne Collins…I could go on and on!

How many books do you have in your library? 400-500


How many books do you read a week?


Not counting yours, what is your favorite blog to follow?

No More Grumpy Bookseller (http://nomoregrumpybookseller.blogspot.com/)

When is your favorite time/location to read?

Early in the morning, sitting in my reading chair, drinking a cup of coffee

If you could be a character in any book who would that be and why?

I’d love to be a character in a Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte novel. The female characters are generally very strong, independent women.

Have you ever thought about or actually written a book yourself?

Perhaps when I was young, but no, not recently

If you had a chance to advertise your blog in any way you could, what would you chose and why?

Word of mouth! I think that’s the best way to advertise.

If you had a chance to interview any one author who would that be and why?

Stephen King or James Patterson. I think they are both tremendously talented writers.

What is one thing about you that readers might not know?

I have a ten year old son with ADD who is a reluctant reader. It’s been my goal to introduce him to the amazing world of reading. He’s recently discovered a few series that he’s enjoyed, and it warms my heart to see him read for pleasure!

(That’s fantastic!)

If people are interested in being a guest on your blog or sending a book to you and your blog what is the best way to contact you?

I have both a contact me and review request form on my blog. Please fill out this information to submit a review request.

Thank you so much for being my guest Jenn, keep up the great work and good luck with your blog and your son reading more.

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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