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A while ago, I joined IDPA (Independent Publishers Association) and with that managed to get my book on their stand at the London Book Fair and a couple of other large fairs later this year.. (You never Know).

I have just received their report at all the follow up with publishers from the UK, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Japan, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia and Spain who visited the stall during the show. And follow ups required for foreign rights.

The comment was..

“This year there seemed to be a lot of interest in business, self-help, psychology, inspirational/motivational, relationships, new age and parenting titles. The titles that tend to do well at this show have universal appeal and do not contain a lot of references to the U.S. or things you can only find in the U.S. children’s titles that work well at these shows do not contain pictures of kids that are obviously American or rhymes that would be difficult in another language. “

The report then listed all the various contacts and the books they were interested in.

I know I know.. draw out the news part…

Err actually there is no news.. not one wanted a follow up on my book lol

Most were after books such as…

I Lost My Sock
He and She ~ A Wedding Story
Lose the Diet
Mastering Happiness
In Search of the Miraculous
Barack Obama: Speeches (wanted in numerous places)
Debt is Slavery (wanted in numerous places)
Turtle Wisdom

And so on.. but not one for me.. Oh well a few more to go.. you never know until you try.

So my next book is now going to be

“Barack Obama with a turtle and only waring one sock, trying to master happiness and search for miraculous speaks out about the dept to slavery”

On a lighter, “well should provide a laugh or two” note

Knob throwing, a real knight in shining armour, the chocolate you sniff and some Obama burger fun and much more in a crazy week of video clips…


Saturday 11:00am EST “A BOOK AND A CHAT with Herbert Howard Jones”
Author of young adult fantasy novel, “The Pyewiz and the Amazing Mobile Phone.”

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond


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It has been six months since my book Across the Pond (by Storyheart) was published. So much has happened in that time, am I a published author?

Today while checking out I contest came across the ruling definition of what was classed as a published author.

“We are using Romance Writers of America guidelines to determine publishing status. Anyone who has either: “(1) earned at least $1,000 in the form of an advance on a single novel or novella published by a non-subsidy, non-vanity publisher; or (2) who has earned at least $1,000 in the form of royalties or a combination of advance plus royalties on a single published novel or novella published by a non-subsidy, non-vanity publisher” is considered a published author and is not eligible to enter the contest.”

So have I made $1000? No…
Did I get an advance of $1000? No…

So I guess I don’t class as a published author.

Perhaps if I was Barack Obama writing details of what went on behind the scenes on the campaign trail. Margaret Thatcher on her years with Dennis, or Secrets of the next Harry Potter file. Perhaps if I detailed how Hulk Hugan’s agent turned down the chance to promote the now “George Foreman” grill, choosing instead to put the Hulksters name to a now long forgotten food mixer. I might then be classed as an published author.

So what has happened in my 6 months?

Well I’ve won a couple of awards, I have coming up to a hundred reviews, over sixty on Amazon alone. I’ve chatted to people all over the world during a wonderful fun virtual book tour, made many new friends, been on radio and TV shows, visited schools and had lot’s of fun.

People of all ages have enjoyed “Across the Pond”, sharing their comments and encouragement through reviews, messages, blogs and emails. Even being compared with such great authors as Judy Blume.

So do I describe myself a published author?


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond

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