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On today’s “A Book and a Chat” is young author Estevan Vega and his now novel “Arson“.

While in elementary school, Estevan wrote short stories for class, and to his surprise, did rather well. His love and discipline for fiction launched his desire to become a fulltime writer. When he was fifteen, Estevan published “Servant of the Realm,” his first novel. In August 2007, “The Sacred Sin” was published.

His new novel “Arson” is not a story of horror and terror, well not in the Stephen King format of horror stories; however it does tell a story of two young people whose lives are basically torture and torment. A story-lines that dwells somewhere in between fiction and reality.

The demons in the book are not monsters or murders, but rather inner demons. The book covers many issues that young adults face: peer pressure, uncertainty, family conflict and insecurity. With elements of suspense and terror as well as romance it is a book that will leave the reader wanting more.

During the show Estevan shared with us how this story as well as his writing style developed, enabling him to exercise some of his own ghost and feelings along the way.

While it is a schange in style from “The Sacred Sin”, the response Estevan has received from new readers and previous followers alike is a sign of just how far this young author can go. I for one can’t wait for the follow up novel.
So why not listen now to an entertaining thirty minutes of “A Book and a Chat with Estevan Vaga”.


Direct link to the show
“A Book and a Chat with Estevan Vega”

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“Estevan Vega”

You can find out more about Estevan and his book at:
“Estevan Vega- Arson”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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With having to change my radio show from Wednesday to a Tuesday, my Views, Reviews and Weird News blog has moved to a Wednesday. A blog about radio show guests, some of the interviews, book reviews and some weird news from Across the Pond.


Last Wednesday I had one of the most enjoyable “Book and a Chat” radio shows with X Soap star and Emmy award winner, now author Louise Shaffer. I always enjoy doing these shows but Louise and I had so much fun, even after the show ended we were still chatting on the phone.

Thursday I appeared as a guest on WXCI radio at Central CT University, as always it was fun, and the 30 minutes show which is aired over much of Southern Connecticut went great.

Saturday at the last minute my friend, writer and fellow radio show host Kim Smith stepped in at the last minute and as normal, the Kim and Barry show was a period of news views and laughter.

Monday my special blog guest was Liv from LIV READ BOOKS, again a great interview.

As mentioned I’ve had to move my Wednesday blog radio show to a Tuesday (softball games are now on a Wednesday) and yesterday I my guest was young writer Esteven Vega, a young man whose first book was published when he was only 15, and whom I’m sure has a fantastic future. Another enjoyable chat.

I have also just signed an option that will now allow my POD books to be sold with “bye back” which means they can now be available in “normal book stores” not just online.


Last week as I typed the blog the number of interviews rose to the big 70, hence the picture, in the last seven days this number has climbed to 75.

Here are the last five reviews…

A teen romance that finds more than one reward…, May 26, 2009

“Across the Pond” starts out by a Mom and Dad in England who aren’t able to take their son “Fred” with them on their vacation and decide to send him to the USA to stay with old friends. As a trade off he is given a project to work on “word differences” to earn a game and finds while he is there that his prize may be more than a game…he sees and finds may first things including “Brit” his first love. This was an easy read and a story that keeps you interested, until the end.

A delightful read full of emotions and humour., May 23, 2009

“Across the Pond” begins with a British teenage boy going to America. Although his stay was short, it was filled with comedy, emotion, romance, suspense, and action. I couldn’t put the book down as I kept wanting to know what is going to happen the characters. If yo0u have teenagers, give them this book. If you a an adult, it is time for you to remember the passion you used to have. “Across the Pond” is a rare treasure you shouldn’t pass on.

Well written story that can be appreciated by all ages, May 21, 2009

Brief overview of the story: Fred from England travels to visit family friends in America, where he encounters their daughter Brit, and they start a budding romance.
I greatly enjoyed reading this book. It was an easy read, with the target audience clearly for middle/high school, yet, it still remained entertaining and had enough substance for older readers as well. I was a little skeptical at first, assuming the story would follow a cliché romance, but was pleasantly surprised at how tastefully the story was handled. Especially since it broke away from the stereotypical boy meets girl, and incorporated both different cultures and sports into the core of its plot. I would definitely recommend this book to friends and family!

What A Great Read!!!, May 21, 2009

What a wonderful book! I surprisingly read the book in one sitting as I was immediately taken by this book. It transported me back to my teenage years. This book is for both the young and the young at heart. I can not wait for the (hopefully soon to come) sequel. I would highly recommend this book!

Suprisingly Entertaining!, May 19, 2009

When I first picked up this book, I thought it was going to be another teeny-bopper book that only middle/high school females would like. Boy was I wrong! I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of a Brit, Fred, traveling to the US visiting a family friend while his parents were off in Australia. Another character in the book, Brittany, the daughter of the family friend, and Fred hit it off, first as friends, and then into a young romance.

My favo(u)rite part of the book was the differences in English (British and American.) I liked learning about the differences that I didn’t know about.

Anyone and everyone should pick up this book and enjoy a great story that is humo(u)rous as well.


Britain’s longest living married couple have celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary.


Three Year old Purchases earhdigger online

Today Wednesday May 27th ninety years ago, the Pop-up toaster was invented.

That’s it for this week, more weird news next Wednesday

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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On tonight’s “Book and a Chat” my very special guest Estevan Vega


As a young boy, Estevan Vega never really felt interested in the written word. Far more fascinating things like comic book superheroes and sketching fantastical beings caught his eye. But in the fifth grade, writing short essays for a standoffish teacher ignited a fire that is still burning. Using his imaginative father as a springboard for ideas, Vega set out to write a full manuscript. His dream to become a published author came forth when he was just 15 years old, releasing his first literary creation, Servant of the Realm,to the world, a story about a teenager who sees the future deaths of those he loves and tries to change it.

The Sacred Sin, his second book, was published when he was 18, and shows a darker edge and deeper intensity than his first effort. The Sacred Sin bleeds with honesty and emotion, and tells the story of Jude Foster, a cynical self-loathing detective,assigned to bring down a serial killer capable of stealing victim’s souls without ever touching them.

Listen and enjoy thirty minutes of enjoyable chat as Storyheart and Estevan talk about his writing, books anything else that could be fun.

You can listen to the show at.


The Radio Show at


or you can listen, link or download the mp3 file at


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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