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When you have a guest on the show who is an award winning criminologist and internationally bestselling author of more than 60 books, including thriller and suspense fiction, relationship fiction, young adult mysteries, true crime, and criminology titles, not counting his own Wikipedia page then you know you’ve the making of one interesting and crammed show.

R. Barri Flowers has a huge range of fiction and non-fiction novels and show stories many under several different names with a growing fan base and in the process winning many awards. His background as a master of science in criminal justice, lad him to write numerous non-fiction books on criminology and true crimes, including the fascinating “Murder at the Pencil Factory”, before branching out into fiction writing.

His first fiction was legal thriller, Persuasive Evidence, which was followed by Justice Served and States Evidence. Persuasive Evidence was in fact nominated for a Romantic Times Award.

The romantic part has been followed up by Barri, writing under the name of Devon Vaughn Archer” he was the first male author for Harlequin’s Arabesque imprint. Midwest Book Review described his “Kissing the Girl Next Door”, as romance that “flows off the page.

Not having enough outlets to his talent Barri also writes YA both romance and fiction like his latest YA novel “Count Dracula’s Teenage Daughter.

His latest novel is another thriller about an FBI criminal profiler who assists the police in going after a serial killer…  “Before He Kills Again”.

About “Before He Kills Again”:  (Taken from Amazon)

Before He Kills Again is my latest thriller novel. Based in Portland, Oregon, the protagonist is Veronica Vasquez, an FBI criminal psychologist and profiler who returns to her hometown to assist the police in tracking down a frighteningly serial killer. The “Rose Killer” kills beautiful women in pairs.

Soon he sets his sights on Veronica, even as she tries to get to him first, while also seeking to repair a damaged relationship with her estranged sister.

Further complicating Veronica’s life is a romance with the lead detective on the case, who has his own issues he’s dealing with.

For anyone who enjoys taut serial killer fiction that reflects the verisimilitude that can only come from a veteran criminologist with an expertise on serial murder, you are sure to find this a compelling read.

With numerous series on the go at the same time and hopping from one genera to another it is amazing the talent that flows from today’s guest.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with R. Barri Flowers


Direct link to the show

A Book and a Chat with R. Barri Flowers

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“R. Barri Flowers”

You can find out more about my guest and their books at:

“R. Barri Flowers – Before He Kills Again”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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On today’s “A Book and a Chat” is young author Estevan Vega and his now novel “Arson“.

While in elementary school, Estevan wrote short stories for class, and to his surprise, did rather well. His love and discipline for fiction launched his desire to become a fulltime writer. When he was fifteen, Estevan published “Servant of the Realm,” his first novel. In August 2007, “The Sacred Sin” was published.

His new novel “Arson” is not a story of horror and terror, well not in the Stephen King format of horror stories; however it does tell a story of two young people whose lives are basically torture and torment. A story-lines that dwells somewhere in between fiction and reality.

The demons in the book are not monsters or murders, but rather inner demons. The book covers many issues that young adults face: peer pressure, uncertainty, family conflict and insecurity. With elements of suspense and terror as well as romance it is a book that will leave the reader wanting more.

During the show Estevan shared with us how this story as well as his writing style developed, enabling him to exercise some of his own ghost and feelings along the way.

While it is a schange in style from “The Sacred Sin”, the response Estevan has received from new readers and previous followers alike is a sign of just how far this young author can go. I for one can’t wait for the follow up novel.
So why not listen now to an entertaining thirty minutes of “A Book and a Chat with Estevan Vaga”.


Direct link to the show
“A Book and a Chat with Estevan Vega”

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
“Estevan Vega”

You can find out more about Estevan and his book at:
“Estevan Vega- Arson”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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On tonight’s “Book and a Chat” my very special guest Estevan Vega


As a young boy, Estevan Vega never really felt interested in the written word. Far more fascinating things like comic book superheroes and sketching fantastical beings caught his eye. But in the fifth grade, writing short essays for a standoffish teacher ignited a fire that is still burning. Using his imaginative father as a springboard for ideas, Vega set out to write a full manuscript. His dream to become a published author came forth when he was just 15 years old, releasing his first literary creation, Servant of the Realm,to the world, a story about a teenager who sees the future deaths of those he loves and tries to change it.

The Sacred Sin, his second book, was published when he was 18, and shows a darker edge and deeper intensity than his first effort. The Sacred Sin bleeds with honesty and emotion, and tells the story of Jude Foster, a cynical self-loathing detective,assigned to bring down a serial killer capable of stealing victim’s souls without ever touching them.

Listen and enjoy thirty minutes of enjoyable chat as Storyheart and Estevan talk about his writing, books anything else that could be fun.

You can listen to the show at.


The Radio Show at


or you can listen, link or download the mp3 file at


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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It has been six months since my book Across the Pond (by Storyheart) was published. So much has happened in that time, am I a published author?

Today while checking out I contest came across the ruling definition of what was classed as a published author.

“We are using Romance Writers of America guidelines to determine publishing status. Anyone who has either: “(1) earned at least $1,000 in the form of an advance on a single novel or novella published by a non-subsidy, non-vanity publisher; or (2) who has earned at least $1,000 in the form of royalties or a combination of advance plus royalties on a single published novel or novella published by a non-subsidy, non-vanity publisher” is considered a published author and is not eligible to enter the contest.”

So have I made $1000? No…
Did I get an advance of $1000? No…

So I guess I don’t class as a published author.

Perhaps if I was Barack Obama writing details of what went on behind the scenes on the campaign trail. Margaret Thatcher on her years with Dennis, or Secrets of the next Harry Potter file. Perhaps if I detailed how Hulk Hugan’s agent turned down the chance to promote the now “George Foreman” grill, choosing instead to put the Hulksters name to a now long forgotten food mixer. I might then be classed as an published author.

So what has happened in my 6 months?

Well I’ve won a couple of awards, I have coming up to a hundred reviews, over sixty on Amazon alone. I’ve chatted to people all over the world during a wonderful fun virtual book tour, made many new friends, been on radio and TV shows, visited schools and had lot’s of fun.

People of all ages have enjoyed “Across the Pond”, sharing their comments and encouragement through reviews, messages, blogs and emails. Even being compared with such great authors as Judy Blume.

So do I describe myself a published author?


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond

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Puss in Books, library cat and a blog chat with Diane Tegarden

Today’s fun BBC link, will appeal to all writers…

Puss in Books, library cat…



Tonight’s radio show was a “BOOK AND A CHAT with Diane Tegarden”… it was very interesting as well as great fun.

Listen to the program and hear all about her writing from A self help divorce book to her latest Science Fiction novel, and how walking over fire help her life.

You can check this interesting show three ways:

You can download the information from


Or it’s available at my blog spot


or where tonight’s show was at



Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond

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Wednesday’s Radio Show Guest is Diane Tegarden

“A BOOK AND A CHAT with Diane Tegarden” – Wednesday 6:30pm (est):

Diane Tegarden has written books the range from Divorce Self Help through poetry to her latest offering “Anti-Vigilante and The Rips in Time”, a bang up sci-fi adventure novel set in the far, far future>

Tune in to “A BOOK AND A CHAT” on Wednesday Evening to hear about this multi-talented lady and how a five hour seminar which included walking on fire changed her life.

“Book and Chat” Saturday May 2nd 11:00am (est)guest will be Lanaia Lee

Today’s BBC Weird News Snippet.

Bullet bounces off US woman’s bra


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond

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