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It was another of our one hour specials as I introduce to the audience and chat with another member of the “Class of 2K13” in the form of author Liesl (like Weasel) Shirtliff.

Liesl grow up in Salt Lake City, Utah the fifth of eight children, a childhood filled with magic be it from her love of dancing, singing, playing the piano or reading, she read Grimm’s Fairy Tales so often she wore through the binding.

Like the Brady Bunch, plus two she remembers summer when her parents piled all the kids in a 12-passenger van, complete with a license plate that said 8SGREAT, and drove to California where she spent magical summers on mountains and lakes and beaches. The fact she later had to drive that same van to school somehow takes a little away from the story.

Her love of music continued and she received a degree from Brigham Young University in music, dance, and theater, thinking her life would involve belting out show songs, this  changed with the birth of her first child, Liesl settling to the slightly quieter art of writing.

Now Liesl drawing from her love of fairy tales shares her debut midgrade book “Rump”.

About “Rump” (taken from OneFor KidLit)

In a magical kingdom where your name is your destiny, 12-year-old Rump is the butt of everyone’s joke.

Rump has never known his full name—his mother died before she could tell him. So all his life he’s been teased and bullied for his half-a-name. But when he finds an old spinning wheel, his luck seems to change. For Rump discovers he can spin straw into gold. Magical gold.

His best friend Red Riding Hood warns him that magic is dangerous—and she’s right! That gold is worth its weight in trouble. And with each thread he spins, Rump weaves himself deeper into a curse.

There’s only one way to break the spell: Rump must go on a quest to find his true name, along the way defending himself against pixies, trolls, poison apples, and one beautiful but vile-mannered queen. The odds are against him, but with courage and friendship—and a cheeky sense of humor—Rump just might triumph in the end.

As we heard during the show there were a few items that had to be changed along the way, such as the name of the donkey, however the resulting novel is a fairy tale master piece for all to read and enjoy.

As one reviewer put it…

I had never been a big fan of the fairy tale, Rumplestiltskin but this book changed my mind! Such a fun, humorous and clever take on the classic. I read it to my children ages 5 – 9 and they couldn’t wait for bedtime when they could listen to another chapter of this magical book full of trolls, fairies, bullies, magic and a surprising hero. One of the best children’s books I’ve read in a long time. I can’t wait for another book by Liesl Shurtliff.

As we learned there is another book based on Jack and the Beanstalk already on the horizon, and I for one can’t wait to read more from this talented author.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Liesl Shirtliff


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“A Book and a Chat with Liesl Shirtliff”

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“Liesl Shirtliff”

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“Liesl Shirtliff – Rump”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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over the weeks, I’ve had guest calling parked at the side of the road, guest calling from up in the mountains or on a trail through the wilds. I’ve had guests from Canada and England, however today my show with Courtney J Webb was something different. Courtney is in Australia, and with the aid of a bottle of Prune Juice (that could cause some issues later on) joined the show at 2am in the morning her time.

Of course the fact that we are both from England even though thousands of miles a part meant we had lots to talk and laugh about.

I was using a new phone and it does seem to have a bit of an echo on it, so that needs to be sorted out, but I’m sure you can still enjoy the fun and laughter as I talk to Courtney about her and her book “Immaculate Deception

Immaculate Deception is a rollicking look at sex, religion, crime and relationships in one delicious read. The novel follows the exploits of Craig Connery, a sexy ex-con whose split-second decision to take another man’s identity puts him in the most unlikely position: that of impersonating a priest.

Now, this decidedly nonreligious man must make it as a man of God. His first mission? Running a nursing home in regional Australia.

What follows is a high-stakes farce of biblical proportions as Craig dissembles his way through a life he knows nothing about. Along the why, he’ll glimpse a world whose secrets rival his own—and discover the shocking truth about the church, the elderly, and himself.

So why not listen to this fun thirty minutes as we discuss items from Marmite to Religion, listen and find out all about Courtney J Webb and her writing as she is today’s guest on “A Book and a Chat”


or on my blog spot at



BARRY EVA (Storyheart)
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On today’s “Book and a Chat” my very special guest Susan Chodakiewitz. Writer, composer and producer, Susan is the founder of Booksicals Children´s Books- Encouraging the love of reading through the arts.

Through her company Booksicals she has created the Booksicals on Stage literacy program which is currently presenting musical performances of the picture book Too Many Visitors for One Little House at schools, libraries, and special events. Too Many Visitors for One Little House is Susan´s debut book made even more interesting by some wonderful illustrations from Veronica Walsh.

Listen to 30 minutes of learning and laughter as Storyheart and Susan discuss her book, animals, having a house full of people and anything else they can think about chatting in an enjoyable recording of “A Book and a Chat”

You can visit Susan website at www.booksicals.com.

Take a small break and share this fun radio program, listen and enjoy.

You can listen to the show at.




Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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The bookings are coming in thick and fast, the guests that appear on a show have all really enjoyed themselves. In fact many have chatted on with me after the show for almost an hour. I have received loads if emails and comments from people who enjoy the easy style of the friendly chat over a cup of tea.

Let’s face it that is what it is all about. I’m no literary genius, no library or book buff. I’m a person who likes to have a chat, who loves to have a laugh and who’s aim is to make the show interesting got all people who listen during or after the show.

Any way I thought I’d share with you, what or rather who is coming om the show over the next few weeks.

While perhaps some of the names might not mean anything now, look out for details nearer the time, and enjoy each and every radio show.

June 9th Wendy Wax
June 13th Irene Watson
June 16th I Heart Monster (blogger)
June 20th Joan Early
June 23rd Nancy Thayer
June 27th Kim Smith
June 30th Alley – (Humor and pencaps blog)
July 4th No Show – Subfest
July 7th Sandee Sgarlata – The Day After Tomorrow,”
July 11th David Liss
July 14th Susan Chodak
July 18th No Show – Capa Avon
July 21st Barbara Bonfigli
July 25th Karina Spencer
July 28th Pat McDermott
Aug 1st Tina Howe
Aug 4th Lanaia Lee
Aug 8th Brian Sandell
Aug 11th Alycia Ripley
Aug 15th Chamein Canton
Aug 18th Douglas Abrams
Aug 22nd Barbara Bretton
Aug 25th Randy Sue Coburn
Aug 29th J.R. Hauptman


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
“Across the Pond”

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For this Sunday I’m going into not one but three saying that are used in every day English.


What is the meaning of the word “Gobsmacked”?

Unlike many of these sayings this caught on in the 1980’s it tends to have it’s origins in the Liverpool area, where “gob” was a term for mouth. “Shut your gob” was a term telling people to keep their mouth shut.

One of the main people that brought “gobsmack’ to the general public, was Liverpool singer and TV hosts Cilla Black. Who in her TV show “Surprise, Surprise” used the word frequently to describe a person who was lost for words. A little like a “a smack in the gob” (punch in the mouth) would leave a person struggling for words. The word is now a general part of the English language meaning “completely lost for words“.


Why are English policeman called “Bobbies”?

It is derived from Robert Peel (Bobby being the usual nickname for Robert) the founder of the Metropolitan Police and to the pay a police officer got in Peel’s day; ‘one bob a week’. (term for an old English shilling)

This is not now widely used in Britain, though it can occur with a mixture of affection and slight irony in the phrase “village bobby”, nowadays referring to the local community police officer. The term “Bobby on the beat” is often used in politics in reference to return to more community based policing including foot patrols by one local officer (bobby) of a his own small area (beat). In Britain, volunteer Auxiliary Constables are sometimes referred to as Hobby Bobbies.


Where does the term “to cost and arm and a leg” come from?”

To Cost and Arm and a Leg means that something is expensive – very expensive, not just expensive though, but excessively so.

There are several possible origins for this saying however the most common belief is from the 1800’s. When people commissioned portraits it would have been a lot cheaper to have a painting done of just your head and shoulders. To get your whole body painted would have been many times more expensive. Thus to cost an arm and a leg.
It is said this is why nearly every picture of George Washington for instance either has him standing behind a desk (no legs) or with one arm behind his back.

So there we are another few terms for you which I hope you enjoyed.

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond



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