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Throughout history
craft has always had it’s line of humor, from large falic symbols to ancient
cave paintings, there has always been something to laugh at, now we can read
about many such ideas.
My guest today
Brigitte Martin is a craft artist trained in gold jewelry making, also she is
the creator of “CRAFTHAUS” a site that is “PARTICIPATORY SPORT FOR CRAFT
ARTISTS” a group that has over two thousand participants now she is an award
winning author.
Her book “Humor in Craft” has been named an award-winning finalist
for the 2012 USA Best Book Awards.
book consists of over 250 contributing artists, 256 pages and over 460 color images and artist commentary so it is not a book to rest on your book shelf but
one that people would just enjoy browsing though.
Humor In Craft” covers a variety of traditional
craft media are shown, such as furniture, ceramics, glass, fiber, jewelry, and
metal, as well as a number of unique, nontraditional techniques. Even we
learned during the show, a bus shelter in London gets a creative make-over with
pillows etc that is sure to make you smile to any passerby.
happens when professional craft artists are allowed to let loose, when they get
to explore their mischievous and irreverent sides? Find out in this
groundbreaking book, which, for the very first time, reveals an entirely
different side of serious craft. Hundreds of images and essays from all over
the world allow you to gain insight into the creative minds of contemporary
artists like never before.
The topics range from the playful to the serious, but the message is always
most enjoyable. Humor in Craft is a treasure trove for craft aficionados and
humor enthusiasts alike.

one reviewer put it…
think the book is absolutely fantastic. I never expected it to be of such great
quality and size. This book will not go on a shelf like my other books, it will
sit on a pedestal for everyone to see. You really created an over the top piece
of work with this edition. Congratulations.”   

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Brigitte Martin

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