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Every so often I come across a book on my show that I think
people should read, not just for enjoyment but in many ways for education as
well. While I have only been in America for twelve years thanks to a lot of
knowledge picked up doing “A Book and a Chat” one could say I know more about
the country and in many cases the people than many born and bred people in the
Today’s guest award winning author Barbara Everett Heintz
and her book “Pinkhoneysuckle” are cases in point. The book has already one several
wards and shows life, being mostly a memoir in an area that many American’s
just do not know about.

Barbara takes her  life story to
describe the “Hidden People” of Appalachia, basically 3rd
world existence,

Where the poor whites and blacks discriminated against and
segregated to the poorest mountainous regions of the Bible Belt, their strength
and identity shaped by religious values and the virtue of living off the land.

Through her own upbringing she is able to provide a unique insight to the Appalachia
in the mid-20th century, the class struggles and poverty, the family dynamics
and rich cultural traditions.

The book takes the reader through the harshness of the Appalachian way of
life that included abuse and incest, Barbara is able to portray the misery that
she lived through.

As one reviewer put it…

The author brings us into her life in Appalachia in a time when most of
America barely even knew they existed. She does not spare the painful details,
yet comes to an understanding of the people she grew up with, family, friends
and neighbors alike. She selflessly loves all as she matures, and her
understanding of the human condition grows.

To my mind it is a must read book, perhaps a true masterpiece. It shares about
how a poor family that lives in the hill country of the rural South. Written in
unique style that it is a pleasure to read, and has the reader constantly what will
be revealed next.
So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Barbara Everett Heintz


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