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Bob Ferguson is my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat”, chatting about his debut book the thriller “Buzzard Bay”. Bob grow up in a remote region of Canada without electricity or telephones, spending many an evening dreaming of faraway places listening to an old battery operated radio.

Later these once dreamed about places became reality as Bob traveled extensively. His trips to the Bahamas formed a basis for Buzzard Bay for the show Bob contacted us from Fiji, where Bob writes and his wife teaches.

Enjoyed by both men and woman, Buzzard Bay gives readers all the adventure and thrill they could ask for in this unputdownable read.

About Buzzard Bay: (taken from authors site)

Bob Green and his family get the opportunity of a lifetime by becoming involved in a new farming project in the Bahamas.  A plane crash confirms his suspicions as to why the farm has been operating at a loss.  The project is not what it seems on the outside. 

The discovery of drugs on the airplane put all their lives in jeopardy.  Instead of leaving well enough alone, Green decides to fight back. He becomes involved in a world of intrigue, sex, violence, and drugs.  In doing so, he finds out that there is a fine line between good and evil. An assassination attempt in Canada goes terribly wrong during a vicious snowstorm. 

When the sky clears and the bodies pile up, it becomes quite apparent that this was no hunting accident.  Two men escaped.  Bob Green was motivated by the love of his wife and family, Henekie by the death of his best friend and mentor, but mostly by greed.  Unwittingly, these two bitter enemies become embroiled in a bitter power struggle between a Columbian drug lord and the CIA in the Bahamas.

As one reviewer put it…

Buzzard Bay” in an original plot with twists and turns that will keep you turning the pages. A fantastic mystery that includes sex, violence, drugs and romance. I loved his characters as they were strong and independent. I do hope there is a sequel to this book, I want to know what happens! Highly recommended for all readers.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Bob Ferguson


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A Book and a Chat with Bob Ferguson

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“Bob Ferguson – Buzzard Bay”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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My guest today, Shaun David Hutchinson wanted to be a superhero when he was young, but as he could not be one of those he began to tell stories instead. One day when his mother had been taken to hospital with some heart problems, he was thinking about how he was so far away from her and what would he do if anything happened (something I know about too well this year). How he would not be able to say goodbye, when the thought came to him, that there should be some form of system, so that people could prepare for their death. From this acorn of an idea, that was nurtured by the voice of his character Ollie, came the mighty oak of his debut novel “THE DEATHDAY LETTER

During a hugely entertaining show, as well as discussing how being a member of the ”tenners” debut author group had helped him, we chatted about not only the theme of the book, but the wonderful characters that bring the pages to life.


The clock is ticking… Ollie can’t be bothered to care about anything but girls until he gets his Deathday Letter and learns he’s going to die in twenty-four hours. Bummer. Ollie does what he does best: nothing. Then his best friend convinces him to live a little, and go after Ronnie, the girl who recently trampled his about-to-expire heart. Ollie turns to carloads of pudding and over-the-top declarations, but even playing the death card doesn’t work. All he wants is to set things right with the girl of his dreams. It’s now or never.

What would you do if you found you only had 24hrs to live, something that happens to believable; loveable and so true to life Ollie in the book, the off and on relationship with Ronnie and his mate Shane, make sure that his last 24hrs are ones that are enjoyed. While the book could be deep about the meaning of life etc, it is not though obviously there are undertones. It’s a a book full of humor, rollercoaster relationships, dynamic characters and a great plot.

Of course being 15 year old boys, Ollie and Shane thoughts revolve around sex, food, sex, girls, antimony and sex. It will bring back memories of high school, educate some girls into the inner working of a teenage boys mind and relate to teenage boys in so many ways.

This debut book has pretty much got the teenage boy persona down perfectly. Hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time, no wonder THE DEATHDAY LETTER has become one of the YA hits of 2010.

So sit back and listen to an entertaining thrity minutes as today I present “MYM A Book and a Chat with Shaun David Hutchinson”.

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“A Book and a Chat with Shaun David Hutchinson”

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“Shaun David Hutchinson”

You can find out more about my guest and their books at:
“Shaun David Hutchinson – The Deathday Letter”



Nov 18th Shaun David Hutchinson – Author of “The Death Day Letter” – Thur 6:30pm EST

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Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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Growing up we often watched on the good old BBC, what became known as a “Whitehall Farce” along the lines of “No Sex Please We’re British”.

One of the main stars of these shows which filled London theaters being the late Brian Rix.

The shows normally ended up with the stars trousers round his ankles, a dead female in his bed and his wife/mother/girlfriend walking in on him.

Getting Enough” the novel of my guest on today’s show “Leonard Rosmarin” would not be out of place with these bastions of English theater.

Started way back in 1982, once Leonard retired from being university professor for over forty years, he had no excuses but to finish what he started all those years before. Time though it seemed changed his views and what once was intended to make fun of his relatives, with some sex and a good story line changed into much more. The characters lead Leonard along a path where he started to feel a deep empathy towards them. As he explains… “Laughing with them rather than at them.”

Leonard has published nine books on various aspects of French literature, presented hundreds of papers at learned conferences and has written many articles. The French Government has also decorated him twice for exceptional service in the cause of French letters. He feels as though he’s been writing all his life and writes fiction to see more clearly into himself and the human condition.

His novel “Getting Enough” is hilarious as well and poignant, about a family who are desperate for emotional and spiritual fulfillment but go about seeking it the wrong way. They get short-circuited by their erotic cravings.

During the show we found out much about this author and his book, sharing his humor and his views.

So sit back and listen to show or else download it’s mp3 file and listen later to “A Book and a Chat with Leonard Rosmarin


Direct Link:
“A Book and a Chat with Leonard Rosmarin”

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
“Leonard Rosmarin”

You can find out more about Leonard and his books at:
“Leonard Rosmarin – Getting Enough”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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Fan denies sex-for-tickets gambit“, is one of the headlines that I spotted today. With the baseball “World Series” starting… yesterday and NO— I still have not worked out how it can be a “World Series” where only American teams and a token Canadian team take part.

According to the news… A mother-of-two has been charged with offering to trade sex for tickets to see her favourite sports team play.

It seems 43 year old Susan Finkelstein from Philadelphia so desperate to see the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team compete in the World Series against the New York Yankees she offered herself for sale. The problem was it was to an undercover cop who arrested her on Tuesday after meeting her while responding to her ad on Craigslist.

Describing herself as “gorgeous, tall, buxom, blonde diehard Phillies fan” it seems she hinted more than just the price of the tickets to the undercover cop.

Her lawyer stated… “She wanted to get tickets to take her husband to the game” (Phillie’s won 6-1). “She never explicitly offered sex” (now where have we heard that before… the White House?). He added… “She was merely a nice lady overcome by Phillie’s fever”.

While this was going on in the USA in Somalia hundreds of people attended a wedding between a man who says he is 112 years old, and his teenage wife.

Ahmed Muhamed Dore – who already has 13 children by five wives – said he would like to have more with his new wife, Safia Abdulleh, who is 17 years old.
“I didn’t force her, but used my experience to convince her of my love; and then we agreed to marry,” the groom said.

It must run in the family, as Mr Dore has a a grand total of 101 grandchildren. His oldest son is 80 years old and three of his wives have died.

He says he hopes his new bride will give him more children.

Perhaps the secret of why this improbable marriage is able to take place is mentioned in a medical news snippet that appeared this week. In the past “curcumin” which is an extract found in the bright yellow curry spice turmeric has long thought to have “healing powers” now a team at the Cork Cancer Research Center have found it can also destroy gullet cancer cells.


BARRY EVA (Storyheart)
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