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At the third time of asking I finally was able to have Tony
as my guest on “A Book and a Chat”. Last Friday we had issues
with the radio broadcast, with echo’s on the line then troublers with the
actual program, we were due to re-do the program on Monday but I had to cancel
owing to other commitments.
Tony is one of those talented people who no matter what they
do they find success, from wanting to be a musician (he did go to Nashville and
make an album later in his life), doing ballet to help with his soccer, to being
an Emmy Award winning writer and filmmaker, and now author.
His documentary film “The Royal Academy” which started out
as an exercise so he could learn how to use his new camera ended up winning two
Emmy awards. This success was followed up by a bondage film “Mondo Bondo”.
During his investigation for “Mondo Bono” he chatted to
several Dominatrix’s and was amazed at the number of high ranking judges and
directors that used that service.
Tony has now taken this knowledge and produced a wonderful
novel “Fem Dom” which is the shortened term used for ‘Female Domination’. Originally Tony was planning to make
this into another screenplay but instead went the direction of it being a
novel. Not that the original idea has been forgotten, indeed you can see a
short film snippet on the web site link.
When I
asked Tony how he was promoting the book, his wonderful reverse psychology was…
“I tell
people it’s a disgusting book and strongly advise them against buying it. This
always piques their interest and they always want to know more!”
About “Fem
When faithful wife Tara Drew suspects her advertising
executive husband is seeing a Dominatrix, she sets out to trap him in the act.
She pays the Dominatrix to teach her how to please men by dominating them and
inflicting pain. But her plan to snare her husband has very bizarre
consequences. Way out of her comfort zone as an undercover Fem Dom, Tara
discovers a kinky world that both intrigues and disgusts her. But now she is
the one with a secret life that she doesn’t want her husband to find out about.
He has already received some great reviews and I am including
on from one of the top reviewers on Amazon Grady Harp who gave the book 5
A Movie Waiting to be Optioned!, October 8, 2012
Cane-Honeysett has the gift! Though the title of this book may throw a few
prospective buyers off, FEM DOM is not a travelogue into the bowels of
degenerate sexual behavior, but instead it is a at once a study of how control
dominates the minds of those climbing the steep ladder of corporate success,
leaving in its path the bruised family and friends and how in turn women can
respond to the need for domination – either actively or through persistent
investigation of the male control process and needs. Cane-Honeysett has created
a credible story about some incredible situations and he relates it with the
force of a both a dramatist and comic master. He comes to this first novel with
a depth of experience as a filmmaker of documentaries (which happens to include
a film that studies B&D `Mondo Bondo’) and as an Emmy award-winning writer.
Clem Drew is in the advertising field, completely immersed in his job and his
struggle to become the next CEO of his huge company when the current CEO
retires: his creative juices are responsible for landing some mega accounts for
he company while at the same time attempting to avoid the too evident struggle
with his in house competitor Kurt Fitzgerald. Tension and long hours keep Clem
fatigued, and the person who suffers is his wife Tara who spends her boring
housewife hours ending to Clem and volunteering as a baker for a church
charity. Tara longs for the missing passion and physical aspects of her
marriage to the handsome Clem, and when she sees whelps and bruises on Clem’s
back she grows suspicious of extramarital affairs. Follow-up on hints of
indiscretions of a name at the office prove false but the last straw is the
discovery of a card in Clem’s suit – Mistress Krystal – Professional Services –
952-941-5051 and on the back is the appointment Tuesday, 5 PM. Tara shares this
with her best friend Lorraine, a self-assured black gal who advises Tara to
explore this thoroughly.

The story flies from this point: Tara makes an appointment with Mistress
Krystal, a Dominatrix, who gradually introduces Tara into the world of Bondage
and Discipline and Tara buys her needed outfits and watches the humiliation
Mistress Krystal inflicts on wealthy men, ultimately being giving the chance to
humiliate one customer called `Sissy Boy’ – all in preparation to give Clem
what he desires at home while catching the bug for the role as a Dominatrix.
How this all plays out to the benefit of all persons introduced in this story
(with one MAJOR exception) is the hilarious manner in which the author closes
all doors and windows he has opened. Nothing is as it appears and the surprises
leave the reader completely satisfied.

It is rare when an author can use a dark subject as the basis for a story, but
in using the B&D idea he serves up a psychosocial sexual brew from which we
all learn about a subject few know. He makes it work – beautifully!

Like Grady
I can see this becoming the film that the book set out to be.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Tony Cane-Honeysett


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