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To start MYM (Male YA Month) on a Book and a Chat I was very glad to hand over the host of the show to the one and only Heidi R Kling, author of the very popular 2010 YA book “SEA“.

Fighting the threat of erupting children, something I myself know about, Heidi still managed to lead the show through various questions about my book “Across the Pond” my short romance stories at http://romance2read.com and why I am running the “Male YA Author Month”.

We chatted about why the month event was set up, following a challenge from YA Auhtor Alexander Diaz (Stupid Things), and how I went about getting a list of possible authors from bloggers, then contacting the authors to see if they were interested in being on the radio show.

I went through the guest we have receiving several oo’s and aa’s from those listening in the chat room, where it seemed many of the guests were indeed popular.

I even had time to ask Heidi herself what she was working on and producing after the success of “SEA”.

The end of the show was a revise of the MYM calendar of guests, a couple of anecdotes about England, and I even managed to answer a question about some of my favorite English saying/language issues.

Direct link to the show:

“Heidi R Kling chats to Barry (Storyheart) Eva”

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
“Hiedi and Barry”



Nov 2nd Heidi R. Kling interviews Barry (Storyheart) Eva – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 4th Andrew Auseon – Author of “Freak Magnet”, “Funny Little Monkey” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 6th Jay Asher – Author of “Th1rteen R3asons Why” – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 9th Daniel Waters – Author of “Generation Dead” series – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 10th David Macinnis Gill – Author of “Black Hole Sun” and ” Soul Enchilada” – Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 11th William Kostakis – Author of “Loathing Lola” – Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 13th R.A.Nelson – Author of “Teach Me”, “Breath My Name” and “Days of Little Texas” – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 15th Jon Skovron – Author of “Struts & Frets” and “Misfit (2011)” – Mon 6:30pm EST

Nov 16th Barry Lyga – Author of “Fan Boy and Goth Girl”, “Boy Toy”, “Hero Type” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 17th James – Author of “Book Chic” blog – Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 18th Shaun David Hutchinson – Author of “The Death Day Letter” – Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 20th Scott Westerfeld – Author of “Uglies”, “Pretties”, “Special”, and “Extras” – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 23rd Steve Brezenoff – Author of ” The Absolute Value of -1″, “Alley of Shadows” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 24th Alex – Author of “Alex reads books” blog – Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 25th Estevan Vega – Author of “The Sacred Sin” and “Arson” – Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 27th Allan Frewin Jones – Author of “The Faerie Path” and “The Warrior Princess” series – Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 30th Alan Gratz – Author of “Something Wicked”, “Something Rotten”, “The Brooklyn Nine” etc… – Tues 6:30pm EST

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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My guest today on “A Book and a Chat” is not an author, nor a blogger; instead I am very proud to say that Natashya Wilson, senior editors at Harlequin Teen dropped by to chat this morning.

In August 2009, a month ahead of its original planned launch date, Harlequin launched its newest imprint “Harlequin Teen”. With the seismic sales of teen series such as Twilight, and the worldwide growth in the YA market, it was time for Harlequin to join the fast expanding YA market.

Far from being just a watered down version on the senior romance novel, the titles being offered by Harlequin Teen have proved so popular that they now have over one million books in print, with three titles produced in2009 they are set to publish sixteen in 2010.

During a hugely entertaining and enlightening show, Natashya shared with us how the giant oak is growing from the acorn of an idea.

The first two books published “Rachel Vincent’s – My Soul to Take” and “Gena Showalter’s – Intertwined” have lead to not only further books in those series but other “must read” YA novels such as “Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Fey” series (one close to Natashya’s heart) and now the “Marsha Warner’s – Greek” books based on the ABC TV show.

With a YA market set to grow by a whopping 30.6% by 2013, and YA science fiction sales anticipated to reach $861 million, the lure of escaping into a good YA book is undeniable.

Natashya shared with us much of her knowledge and enthusiasm for not just the Harlequin Teen books and authors, but for the whole YA fiction genre, from readers and bloggers to authors themselves. The way the readership crosses age groups, why people are reading more and more YA novels and what might be the next “super sellor”.

The chat ranged cross so many topics there is more than can be listed in this small blog. So sit back and enjoy today’s throughly enjoyable “A Book and a Chat with Natashya Wilson”.


Direct link to the show
“A Book and a Chat with Natashya Wilson – Senior editor at Harlequin Teen)”

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
“Natashya Wilson”

You can find out more about my guest and their books at:
“Natashya Wilson – Senior editors at Harlequin Teen”

Don’t Forget November is MALE YA MONTH

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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My guest on tonight’s show was Adele Walsh, creator of the great YA blog “Persnickety Snark“.

I am really glad to finally manage to get Adele as a guest we have planned a couple of other appearances, but illness and then a move from Australia to Japan have delayed Adele being a guest up to now.

Yes that’s right she dialed into the show from Japan.

Adele is Australian teacher currently living in Shizuoka, Japan. She has taught for the past six years in Australian classrooms but is now taking a year off this year to teach Japanese kindergarteners.

As she shared on the program one of the reason she started her blog was to try and bring more books and the works of YA authors into Australia.

Adele and her blog Persnickety Snark (remember the name when voting for next year’s blogger awards) is one of the “Sham wow” YA bloggers that I try and support whenever I can. Back in 2009 when she started the blog her aim was…

The aim for Persnickety Snark is that it be a home for YA (Young Adult literature) reviews and authors interviews with an emphasis on Australian authors. I offer constructive and honest reviews as well as in depth interviews, thought provoking discussion posts and an unique perspective“.

She does that and so much more.

During the show as well as discussing how Skippy he kangaroo could be the Australian version of Lassie, we discussed how she is creating a YA top 100 of all time. With over 700 people taking up the challenge, I’m sure the outcome will be interesting as well as in some cases surprising.

The show was an entertaining thirty minutes as Adele shared with us her views and some of her favorite authors on today’s “A Book and a Chat with Adele Walsh (Persnickety Snark)“.

So why not stop by and listen to show now, or else download it and play it when you have a few moments.


Direct link to the show
“A Book and a Chat with Adele Walsh (Persnickety Snark) “

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
“Adele Walsh”

You can find out more about Adele and her blog at:
“Persnickety Snark”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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My special guest was previosuly a guest on the show way back on June 6th 2009, she is YA Blogger, Ashley whose blog Books make great lovers” is actually 2 years old this very day.

During the show we discussed about blogging and how her blogs and reviews have developed through the the last two years. The fact she blogs basically every day and actually started doing reviews some months before her blog started shows you how much she has written and read during that time. To give you and idea, Ashley is currently taking part in the “100+ challenge of 2010” where the person is challenged to read over a hundred books in the year. Well Ashley before the end of March is on book 47.

Through the show we discussed about authors and books as well as other subjects such as what age group books might be for, something that Ashley has covered with her own brand of grade and ratings she uses for her book reviews.

Some of Ashley favorite books and authors were discussed as well and what is happening with her own writing.

One really great thing for her to share was that she has been asked to be a gust panelist at a book convention, something that just goes to show what I am often saying, that at last the “Sham Wows” of YA literature are beginning to be recognized by publishers, publicists and authors.

So check Ashley’s blog and her special contest to celebrate her second blog birthday.

The whole show was a fun, entertaining and interesting thirty minutes, so why not listen now or down load the mp3 file to share when ever you can, as my special guest today on “A Book and a Chat” was Ashley from “Books make great lovers – blog”


“A Book and a Chat with Ashley – Blogger”

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from

You can find out more about Hope and his books at:
“Ashley – Books Make Great Lovers Blog”

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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Many times one hears the slogan “Say it with Flowers” but do you know what each flower is states in the “Language of Flowers“. My guest today not only has brought back this Victorian language, but used it to write her debut novel, which was launched on March 2nd. My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is Amy Brecount White and her debut novel “Forget-Her-Nots

I had been reading some great reviews around the YA blog circuit and was really glad I managed to get Amy as a guest on my show, she did not let us down, filling the show with humor, incite and education.

The book though pigeonholed as “YA” is a book for all ages, she describes a story that is “Lyrical, sweet and moving” to which I add educational.

During the show prompted by questions from the chat room we learned about Amy, and how she came to produce “Forget-Her-Nots“.

Along the way Amy shared with us some of the stories of her own life, which almost reads like a book itself, from giving her now husband a nosebleed to finding him while lost in Ireland. All of which only went to create a great sixty minute show.

As one blogger writes about”Forget-Her-Nots“…

Like the petals of a rose, this book has layers of loveliness.”

So if you want to find out why you should send somebody “Sweet Basil” rather than normal “Basil”, why not to send carnations in Eastern Kentucky as well as all about Amy and her wonderful book, also what we might expect from this great new author over the next year. Listen to today’s “A Book and a Chat with Amy Brecount White


Direct Link:
“A Book and a Chat with Amy Brecount White”

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
“Amy Brecount White”

To find out more information about Amy Brecount White, her book “Forget-Her-Nots”:
Amy Brecount White – Forget-Her-Nots

Check out http://abookandachat.blogspot.com

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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January is YA Radio month on A Book and a Chat, with special guest throughout the month, not only authors but bloggers as well.

Today’s guest on a book and a chat was author Heidi R Kling, whose book “SEA” comes out in June. While I knew a large number of people wanted to listen and talk to Heidi little did I know just how many.

The show was full of questions either from the chat room or from people dialing in. Be it half asleep bloggers, family members, fellow writers or a neighbor Heidi had not spoken to for many years, all wanted to chat to and ask question of the fabulous author.

You can find out more about the show, the links to listen to, as well as the up and coming guests at during YA Radio month at…


Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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To start of the New Year I am as they say in the North of England, “Chuffed to little meat balls” to be hosting a YA RADIO MONTH.

Throughout January on my blog radio show “A Book and a Chat” (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Across-the-Pond on I will be hosting writers and bloggers of Young Adult Literature.

After realizing that I already had several YA Bloggers booked to appear on the show in January I thought “Why not make the whole month dedicated to YA Literature?”.

I contacted several of the top YA Bloggers asking them for their top YA Authors in 2009. Not counting Julia Holban who will be making a return appearance in March, I then contacted about 10 of these writers. I am so pleased to say that every writer who returned my email was only too willing to appear on the show.

The first of these shows is on Saturday when Rhonda Stapleton author of “Stupid Cupid” will be my guest

Any way here are the full details for the month


Location: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Across-the-Pond

(Listen to the show or else if you want to talk to the guest dial in on 347- 237-5398)

[Times are EST shows are 30mins unless marked]

Jan 2nd – 11:00am Rhonda Stapleton (Stupid Cupid) 1hr

Jan 5th – 7:00pm Bree Despain (The Dark Divine) 1hr

Jan 7th – 6:30pm Tirzah – “Compulsive Reader Blog”

Jan 9th – 11:00am Michelle Zink (Prophecy of the Sisters) 1hr

Jan 12th – 6:30pm Kristi – “The Story Siren Blog”

Jan 14th – 6:30pm Alyssa – “Shayglade Blog”

Jan 16th – 11:00am Sarah MacLean (The Season) 1hr

Jan 18th – 6:30pm Kyle – “Goodreads”

Jan 19th – 6:30pm Jessica – “Chick Lit Teens Blog”

Jan 21st – 6:30pm Sharon – “Sharon Loves Books & Cats”

Jan 23rd – 11:00am Heidi R Kling (Sea) 1hr

Jan 26th – 7pm Carol Lynch Williams (The Chosen One) 1hr

Jan 28th – 6:30pm The Cindy Loves Books Show

Jan 30th – 11:00am Lisa Schroedar (Chasing Brooklyn) 1hr

Check out http://abookandachat.blogspot.com

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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Almost the end of 2009, and I am facing it with very mixed feelings. It has been a year when family issues, medical issues and work issues have overwhelmed the literature, radio and friendship aspects of the past 365 days.

From the very start of the year leading up to my major back surgery until today when my youngest son was back in hospital, there has hardly been a day go by when one of the family was not sick or at the dentist, doctors, doing physiotherapist or at the chiropractor.

So let’s forget about that part, let’s look at the good aspects of 2009.

What has 107, 101, 2 and 24 to do with 2009?

“107” that is the total reviews my book “Across the Pond” has received at Amazon since it first came out. I am so totally overwhelmed with the words of support, encouragement and the fact that so many people have enjoyed the book. As many writer guest on my radio show have stated, receiving reviews or an email knowing that a reader has enjoyed your work, makes it all worthwhile!

“101” is the total number of “A Book and a Chat” radio shows I have presented this year. I have had so much fun doing the shows, learnt much and made some great friends. Over the year I’ve had guests from central Europe, Australia and England as well as Canada and the US. I’ve had calls from guests parked on the side of roads, half way up hillsides, in restaurants and in the middle of forests. I can honestly say through all the time, I have enjoyed myself and from the feedback and the requests for return visits so have the people so have my guests.

“2” is the number of top ten books for 2009 that “Across the Pond” has appeared on during December, I am so shocked. As anybody knows who has listened to me chatting on the radio either as a host or a guest, I don’t class myself as a writer, I am know literary genius, just a humble story teller.

Locations of top ten mentions:



“24” is a number I’m not quite so proud of. It the meager number of chapters I have managed to write for the follow up to “Across the Pond” a book called “Across the Pond and Back Again”. This would be even less if it was not for the support, encouragement and almost bullying (I need it) I have received from a couple of readers whom I am now proud to call friends. Finally though I seem to be getting back into the stride of things and home to get the book written over the next few months.

My final blog of 2009 tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you all an event I will be running through January, that is my YA RADIO MONTH.

So check out tomorrows blog.

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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